Konstantin Semenenko

CTO and Software Developer

Konstantin Semenenko

CTO | Managed Code

Pau, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

I’m a CTO and Senior Developer with 18+ years of experience, including 12+ years in C# and .NET. With my technical expertise, successful project track record, and SCRUM experience, I excel in managing processes for efficient project execution and implementation.

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About me

👋 I’m an experienced CTO and Software Developer with over 18+ years of experience, specializing in C# and .NET technologies. I’ve led diverse teams and projects, delivering high-quality software solutions.

💻 I’m a detailed and proactive leader, skilled in communication and management. I specialize in developing advanced .NET services, focusing on software and solution architecture.

🚀 I’m passionate about every aspect of software development and eager to bring my expertise to your projects

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Konstantin Semenenko

CTO and Software Developer